At Magill Chiropractic, it is our commitment to you that we provide quality health care through treatment and comprehensive wellness planning to keep you feeling great. We are always here to help whether it be answering questions you may have about your condition, treatment, or helping you meet your goals for maintaining your health.

Dr. Magill is not only a talented Chiropractor, but he has the ability to make any patient feel comfortable. Traditional chiropractic uses joint manipulation and adjustments, while Dr. Magill utilizes a “whole person approach” looking for underlying causes of disturbance. He responds to what your body needs by evaluating the area of complaint and how it interacts with the entire musculoskeletal system. His Chiropractic Assistant lends a hand by loosening up the muscles before an adjustment, making the body more reactive. Using these approaches, Dr. Magill is able to help accelerate your journey to better health.